Family and Consumer Sciences

Welcome to the Department of
Family & Consumer Science

"When you cook, you never stop learning. 
That's the fascination of it all."

James Beard

Department Philosophy

The goal of the Family & Consumer Science Department is dedicated to providing essential living competencies to our students through an array of semester courses focused on health, nutrition, safety, food preparation, consumerism, and other essential life skills. Students work collaboratively in a group centered learning environment that helps to foster their ability to work effectively with others to create a final product. Roles are clearly defined and rotated so that students experience all aspects of food preparation and responsibilities.  While Culinary Arts is the gateway to all other courses in the department, students are free to choose any other elective offered in the department that suits them best.  

Opportunities are provided for students to develop the skills to enable them to:

*Become responsible contributors to their family, community, and school.
*Manage resources and plan appropriately for individual and family needs.
*Understand the value of making choices regarding nutrition and wellness in their everyday lives.
*Function as responsible consumers.
*Develop interpersonal skills.
*Understand the value of collaboration.
*Apply the skills learned to real world scenarios.