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Mathematics and Computer Science

Mrs. Melissa Heike
Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation
(973)543-2501 ext. 1503
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At West Morris Mendham, our teachers are committed to developing mathematical thinkers.  Instruction is grounded in the Standards for Mathematical Practice which are summarized in the image below.

Standards for Mathematical Practice
For more information on the Standards for Mathematical Practice see:

Highly effective math students, regardless of course or level, share a core group of habits.  They:

*Ask and answer questions in class.
*View mistakes as learning opportunities. 
*Reflect on errors and take specific steps to understand and correct them.
*Work collaboratively with teachers and peers.
*Value growth.
*Self-advocate and seek help when needed.

Department faculty members are committed to student success.  Each teacher maintains office hours to meet with students.  In addition, we staff the Math Help Desk, located in the library, every period of the day for students to get extra help in mathematics on an as-needed basis.  See the "Extra Help" link at left for more information.

Curriculums for all of our course offerings can be found using the "Course Offerings" link at left.