Welcome to the Science Department

Mrs. Melissa Heike
Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation
(973)543-2501 ext. 1503
[email protected]

Welcome to the West Morris Regional High School District Science Department. We are excited to partner with students and families as we prepare all of our students to be scientifically-literate citizens. For those who are considering a career in the Science, Technology, and Engineering fields, we strive to inspire those who will be the next generation of scientists and engineers, and we understand our mission is critical to the future of our nation and world. We believe all students are intrinsically curious and that if we spark their curiosity, they will learn, but we must all work together. Perhaps education philosopher Sir Ken Robinson said it best, The gardener does not make a plant grow. The job of a gardener is to create optimal conditions.” In the same way, teachers cannot make students learn, but they can create an optimal environment that inspires and fosters learning and growth. Students and parents also have vital responsibilities, and our teachers are committed to working with them to increase student understanding of important concepts and help them develop important life skills. A spirit of cooperation from all parties is essential for success. To this end, we have developed broad and diverse science curricula that ensure all students have the opportunity to: Ask and investigate interesting questions, Make connections to their life experiences and understand the applications of science and engineering to the world they observe, Use observations and evidence to inform conclusions and make important decisions, Learn that mistakes and failures are exciting opportunities to be curious and learn, and Discover that never giving up is far more important than being successful the first time you try something. In fact, being successful the first time you try something is a mark of not trying something difficult enough. Encounter challenging yet rewarding courses to prepare them for challenging and rewarding careers.

Our graduates are members of a generation charged with discovering treatments and cures for cancer, heart disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and a myriad of other human illnesses, identifying and bringing to market antibiotics faster than bacteria can evolve, discovering the mechanism by which allergic reactions occur and finding solutions, growing food for the largest human population in history, protecting wildlife and natural resources, innovating clean water technologies, devising sustainable energy systems, building homes, buildings, bridges and other structures that will serve posterity, designing the next generation of robots, and exploring the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

New Jersey is an epicenter of the pharmaceutical, health care, chemical, engineering, and communications industries, and many of our graduates will pursue exciting careers in one of the STEM fields. Many of our graduates will work in other fields, and some will work in jobs that do not exist yet. The world is changing quickly, but we can prepare all of our students for more successful futures by increasing their proficiency in timeless skills such as passion, curiosity, critical thinking, hard work, persistence, teamwork, flexibility, resilience, communication, reading comprehension, technical writing, and data analysis.

The West Morris Regional High School District Science Department is committed to making a better world, for all of us.