8th Grade Curriculum Night 2022

Welcome to West Morris Mendham High School! Eighth grade families and students please take this opportunity to view and watch the curated collection of videos below. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum, policies, and procedures that will form the foundation of your experiences for the next four years. 

The first video contains 8th Grade Curriculum Night in its entirety.  If you would prefer to watch specific sections, use the individual links in the table below.

 Presenter  Presenter's Title  Presentation  Video URL
Mr. Steve Ryan Principal, Mendham HS Welcome and Introduction  https://youtu.be/FqnusgtRLjQ
Mr. John McGoldrick Director of School Counseling Services College and Career Counseling  https://youtu.be/1uduEjeQMWI
Mr. Sean Beavers District Technology Coordinator Instructional Uses of Technology  https://youtu.be/y2GsColFi_E
Mrs. Toni Liskiewicz Vice Principal, Central High School High School Expectations   https://youtu.be/1LRFG-Mp7mo
Mr. Ned Panfile Coordinator of Athletics and Student Activities  Co-Curriculars and Athletics  https://youtu.be/L4dLqq5kpp4 
Mr. Joe Geddes Vice Principal, Mendham High School  Language Arts  https://youtu.be/ZkGcG3nNdyE 
Mrs. Melissa Heike Vice Principal, Mendham High School Mathematics  https://youtu.be/1LRFG-Mp7mo 
Technology Department Technology Department Faculty  Technology  https://youtu.be/NAvg8x9EG70 
Mr. Ed Braun Assistant Superintendent of Schools  Science  https://youtu.be/-qzILtV00AY 
Mr. Chris Carroll Vice Principal, Central High School  History and Social Sciences  https://youtu.be/wC0APlij2NM 
Mrs. Jess LaSusa Vice Principal, Central & Mendham High Schools  Health and Physical Education  https://youtu.be/pfdVX3c6WkQ 
Mrs. Jess LaSusa Vice Principal, Central & Mendham High Schools  World Languages  https://youtu.be/bW5vTuNsROY 
Mrs. Jess LaSusa  Vice Principal, Central & Mendham High Schools  Fine and Performing Arts  https://youtu.be/MzyUyRl9ptE 
Mrs. Cara Fabin & Mr. Justin Carraro  Teachers, Business Department  Business  https://youtu.be/TTotHQnhBFw