** Procedure for Reporting an Absence **
A parent or guardian must call the attendance line at 973-543-2501 dial 1 or choose ext 4355 or email the attendance office at [email protected] . Please be prepared to state the students last name, grade level and reason for absence.

** Procedure for Tardiness or Request for Early Dismissal**
If tardy for any reason other than a physician appointment, the student is to swipe in at the tardy station located at Reception.  If the student has a physician appointment prior to school, please bring the doctor's note to the Main Office where Mrs. Sisco will issue a late pass. 

If leaving early please arrive at school with a handwritten note, signed by a parent or guardian, indicating time and reason for dismissal. Notes must be submitted to the Main Office first thing in the morning. At that time the student will be given a dismissal pass. If the student is driving themselves this must be indicated in the signed note from the parent or guardian.