Important Information

Are you an 18 year-old male? You are required to register with the Selective Service. Some colleges link admission and scholarship awards to proof of registration. You can do it at any post office or online here.

Student athletes entering college who intend to play intercollegiate sports in a Division I or II school are required to be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse. To be certified, a high school student must successfully complete a core curriculum of at least 13 NCAA-approved academic courses in high school. There are additional requirements; check with your guidance counselor. There are NCAA Clearinghouse pamphlets in Guidance or visit the website

Attendance Policy: Board of Education Policy #5113 states that complete cooperation of parents and students is thorough and efficient education for each student, regular attendance is necessary. In the case of absence, the parent or guardian is responsible for contacting the school early in the day, giving the reason for the absence. Once a student has accumulated seven (7) absences (long-term illness requiring home care is the exception), a school official will notify the parent in writing. Once a student has accumulated thirteen (13) absences, he/she will be subject to administrative and/or committee review. Removal from class and loss of credit are possible. More information is in the student handbook.

Absent from School? Parents can request school work AFTER your student has missed three (3) days of school. Place your request with the Guidance Department, at 973-543-6281. Please call first thing in the morning to allow teachers time to put the work together for you. The work can be picked up in Guidance at the end of the school day.